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Since our server was upgraded to Microsoft IIS ver 6.0 the Security Configuration Wizard has not been given a Security Policy that will permit external or secondary .svg and .js files to be readable over the internet. So you may have to download or cut and paste the files in /corwin/sniffers/local/ and view the pages locally. Also the .svg part of cubic_plt.xml is at cubic_plt.t which can be downloaded and renamed. ASCEEMathML and ASCIIsvg examples  

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In order to make email addresses unreadable by machine at least replace
& with &, or use a similar character or a human decipherable puzzle.
e.g. billcΔπμλΔ billc& billc&
To display [©,♂,@,☺,☼]   enter [©,♂,@,☺,☼]  
& is interpreted by HTML to be &.  
Other characters needed in mathematical expressions and dimensions are:
pi            π   π
micro, mu μ   μ
lambda    λ   λ
Delta      Δ   Δ
dot product ∙
¢ renders as ¢