It appears that even with the most popular but obsolete browser algebraic expressions, curves and diagrams can arranged using the position in tables or the absolute,relative style="position: statements in layers. It is very awkward and limited however; hopefully, things will improve once the need is demonstrated. One combination that is possible is a .png mader from a .svg with Bezier curves in it being made transparent and in a layer over a Jipsen TeX like algebraic expression. Another method that can mix MathML and .svg uses foreignObject . However, there seems to be difficulty in mixing plots in a transparent layer.

The details with links to unpolished proof of principle exam ples and limitations is at . Examples of mixtures of expressions, where a table is used for positioning, and diagrams where some combinations work and don't work are here. You can determine what browser you have at Alan Wood's web site. If you have MS Internet Explorer your can use the plugin detector . Without the proper plugins on your browser these features cannot work in MS Internet Explorer 6. More advanced browsers may handle it. More examples are at SVGMenu.html and MathMLMenu.html

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