SVG is a tag language; the nesting that exists in algebraic
expressions can be expressed with SVG.  It is possible to
have a single source that is human readable that contains the
content or logic of the concept and that can be rendered on a
computer screen or print or can be converted to a bitmap such as
a .png .

It is much more difficult to express a concept in SVG than it
is to express it with an a function rendition.  However, the plugin for it has been developed.  But the MS-IE6
myCreateElementSVG() does not support ending tags and thus nesting.
Manual editing is required for the ending tag for nesting.
There is javascript software, Jipsen's ASCIISVG.js which transforms
an expression similar to algebra into the SVG.  ASCIIMathML.js
similarly tranforms Tex like algebraic espressions into the MathML
tag language.
It may require a deeper level of thought to use SVG and MathML but
the work is not captive to a proprietary encription and does not use
memory hogging bit maps.  The work will be able to survive new
versions and company failures.  The SVG can be transformed into
bitmaps like .png for more portability if needed.

I have added enough  symbol features  to
ASCIISVG.js so that charts, diagrams, or flow charts can be made.  Also,
 vertical legends  can be put on vertical scales.


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