MathML is a tag language; the nesting that exists in algebraic expressions can be expressed with MathML. It is possible to have a single source that is human readable that contains the content or logic of the concept and that can be ported and rendered on a computer screen or print and that can be evaluated numerically. With plugins from Adobe and DesignScience the SVG and MathML can be rendered with several browsers. The .eps format with Ghostscript is an alternate way to use TeX to render mathematical expressions, and make diagrams, but much more memory is needed. With wikipedia there is a dependence on their server for the svg to png conversion. It is much more difficult to express a concept in MathML than it is to express it with an algebraic notation. However, the plugin for it has been developed. There is javascript software, Jipsen's ASCIIMath.js which transforms an expression similar to TeX or algebra into the MathML. ASCIISVG.js similarly tranforms functions into the SVG tag language. Avoiding bitmaps, MathType and non character based graphics editors may require a deeper level of thought to use MathML and SVG but the work is not captive to a proprietary encription and does not use memory hogging bit maps. The work will be able to survive new versions and company failures. With AutoCad, the lack of command editing either causes the distances to be nonexact or snapped to a very grainy grid. I have added enough symbol features to ASCIISVG.js so that charts, diagrams, or flow charts can be made. Also, vertical legends can be put on vertical scales.
MathML examples:
Golden Ratio and Five Fold Symmetry: pentagon   ...   platonic solids   miscellaneous example     theory, derivation of dodecahedron using exact formulas   icosahedron using exact formulas   illustration
Cubic Equation and Seven Fold Symmetry: cubic exact expression   the eleven branches of the cubic equation theory   ,   derivation
SVG will also be required for SVG plots:
( javascript may have to be run locally) ( detailed svg may have to be run locally)
Resources: jipsen examples users
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Other Examples: example files   color test
SVG for making figures, diagrams, and plots With both SVG and MathML equations and their plots can be displayed, the branches of the cubic equation for example. However to juxtapose an equation with its plot transparent layers are needed."
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