airborne particles 
-air pumps, blowers, gates, valves, pistons, seals -
 pleumatic machine controls, flip flop 
◄■► antibody-immunity-could-last-just-months  fake news damage 
 adapt regulations to local needs -individual contributions can help-- blood clots pose no additional risk if any -
-commercial manufacturers-
-container conversion for personal protection equipment--coronavirus topics: Ro, active cases, CDC, NPR, BBS, ... - -- Current Updates -- 
-truncated gaussian-- -   citizens can look after their own interests better without cental authority  surfaces can be treated for long term pathogen control  surfaces can be treated for long term pathogen control - Waukegan school's woodshop is making desks for home use  - dogs & llamas  pulls for opening a door without using one's hands  for different vaccines, what dose schedule haults the spread of the virus, minimizes Ro 

-tree huggers- pandemics in perspective  -microscopy instrumentation- mutating viruses may escape the the full effect of legacy vaccines   ◄
•-essential things-  ◄
• trouble from China -exposure precautions-
-privacy intrusion- articulate tayloring  ◄
•-ventilator enclosure components- avoid inadequate sanitizers -desiccator and vacuum pump disinfection- genetic differences of people who were seriously ill and not - spend stimulus money on a greener economy -- effective precautions -- mask wearing & vaccines may result in herd immunity by May making Ro < 1 --crowdsourcing of N95 and other masks- immunity - sequeris default - www.Corwin-W.info target -- sequeris root default -- mathematical analysis of exposure curves -
- restart of commerce after rampant bankruptcies - lessons learned from mistakes during the pandemic  ◄
• tighten gathering restrictions  ◄
• long term complications  ◄
• after recovery, vaccine ameliorat long haul complications  ◄
• equipment for testing samples 
◄■► masks could prevent nearly 190,000 deaths in the coming months - government societal reform-
- media: BBC, NYTimes, WSJ, ChicagoTribune, ... -
••- startups, universities, & backyards --epidemialogists theories-- mortality moderates after waves take their toll -  ◄
•- recovering victoms have lingering symptoms -  ◄
••- N95 manufacture and disinfection -- mask supplies - plea to maintain restrictions 
•• be cautious 
•• C D zinc nutrition for immunization - DIY projects and supplies - health organizations  shared crowdsourced open plans - oxygen supplies -
- observation -- mask patterns - venom et al 
 some pathogens never clear from bodies  pay attention to Ro, not sensationalism  among 200 virus developers are several developing a plant based vaccine  molecular biology can narrow the focus on pathogens  dogma can be an impediment; pragmentism can adapt  governor's fire side chat  - healthcare overwhelming -
 open source control software  virtual meetings in Lake County IL, other states, and D.C.  11 regions in Illinois; regions 9: Lake and McHenry rules 
 legacy technology may require a simpler supply chain 
- reopen the economy
•- temporary invasion of privacy vs. lifesaving- reproduction ratio  reopening the economy in stages will require changing rules - a plateau may be reached when there are no longer more people to infect -
- political scandels -
- -
- antibodies-
 cover page - symptoms -- historical pandemics: three waves in 1918 -  when and how coronavirus spreads  
 multifaceted attacks   ◄
successes.txt  successful strategies
⬤ localized waste water analysis used to taylor effective regulations for minimum disruption   ◄
••- people working on DIY ventilators-  
 time and temperature to disinfect pathogens 
- tests, tracing, Ro, therapy, immunity, antigens, antibodies, ... -  ◄
• therapy    2 
- -- time interval control -
- -- tools to keep Ro less than unity; shedding mitigation -- transmission due to personal contact tracing - important statistics determine what the guidance and recommended restrictions should be - contraction detection -- clinical trials -- several trials completed -  
  Sanofi and Merck are retrofitting their facilities so that more Phizer and Johnson&Johnson products can be made
- -
 open bus windows & grates in floor & ceiling of elevators  virulance  vaccine progress  government funding  find breakouts by analyzing waste water  zocdoc.com