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Relying on commercial anti-virus protection may not be the most secure method. https://thehackernews.com/2020/10/antivirus-software-vulnerabilities.html Do not depend on commercial traps for protections; utalize system commands: FCIV SFC NET NETSTAT OPENFILES FIND FINDSTR TYPEPERF WMIC nmap.org as much as possible. If you cannot generate a database of checksums immediately after files are installed; https://www.jenkins.io/doc/book/using/fingerprints/, Jenkins maintains a database of MD5 checksums of unmolested files.
Gas is the most efficient method of energy distribution. Cogeneration would be useful for a https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_start Another advantage of gas is that compatable fuels,propane,butane can be stored. Trip off on low voltage would not only be a very inexpensive way to protect computers, but used on heating and cooling equipment would soften the startup surges. It is a commonly used method on machinery so that unattended moving parts do not cause damage when power comes on. For starting an engine when it is too cold, another engine that may have been kept inside, that is running can be used. Use a flexable muffler tube e.g.: TrakAuto 17024 $21.99 ?+1/4" x 6' or RockAuto.com Walker 2+1/4 40006 25' $1.66/ft Pipe the exhaust from one engine up under the hood of the other vehicle; it will warm up in about 10 minutes. •• Use carbon based fossile fuels only for cogeneration where the heat is needed. •• Resistance heating should be avoided since it uses three times the energy. •• The CO2 in any exhaust should be used for an increased concentration of CO2 for hydroponically grown vegetables grown in 24hr lighted warhouses near the point of consumption. •• Find a way to harvest the concentrated H2 and He in the upper atmosphere •• Find a way to harvest the concentrated CO2 in deep mines •• www.CorwinWmC.com/sequeris/citizen.txt 2020 William C. Corwin