(with concurrent inverse feature)

To solve a triangle enter three input values in fields; click your mouse elsewhere on the page other than a value likely to change(or press tab key) to complete the calculation. Modify entries then click again for the values to agree.

for smooth operation start with the default values
side or angle value value
Angle A (1).......(2) Side A
Side B (3).......(4) Angle B
Angle C (5).......(6) Side C
Ratio A B Ratio C Ratio
Change History
Presently the


is with the change of any three of the six angles or sides.

The three variables listed in the change history are the independent variables.

For smooth operation start with the default values.

The results may be invalid if the three ratios of x/sin(x) do not agree. molding calculator...
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Credits and references: has some units conversion factors that even ucum nbs nbs . ... does not have.