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(with concurrent inverse feature)

Enter the value of the frequency and the value of resistance, capacitance, or inductance to attach the accumulated circuit, click in the weeds, and then click on the series or parallel button to determine if the impedance is attached in parallel or series

for smooth operation start with the default values
variable independent value
frequency kilocycles . cycles per second per second radians per second
resistance ohms kilohms megohms
capacitance millifarads microfarads click target out in the weeds
inductance millihenrys henries
progress real imaginary type component connection
incremental real imaginary
attach to circuit in series or parallel. at the end of the transmission line
accumulated real imaginary magnitude result
real normalized load on generator imaginary | magnitude polar angle
characteristic impedance . load | wave length cable

Presently the transmission line calculator below the accumulator line is independent.

For smooth operation start with the default values.

There is a limited

Concurrent Inverse

with respect to the units of the values of the components.

A RED screen indicates an error condition


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transl@sg.ur.ru has some units conversion factors that even ucum nbs nbs . ... does not have.