Catenary Tent Pole Calculator

(with concurrent inverse feature)

Type the input value in a box, click your mouse anywhere on the page other than a value likely to change(or press tab key) to complete the calculation. Modify entries then click your mouse elsewhere on the page (or press tab key) for the values to agree.

for smooth operation start with the default values
- -
- roof pitch - roof angle - rise per 16 run
- - - -
- roof lean - hip lean - rafter length
- - ---------- - -
-- -- --
span= area=
-- -- --
rafter peak rafter hip end side hip end side foot

For smooth operation start with the default values.

An arch is to be constructed out of four lengths. Two lengths
at each end are of unit length; the other middle two are of RAFTER LENGTH.
The end length has an angle of HIP LEAN with the vertical; the middle lengths
have an angle of ROOF LEAN with the vertical and a pitch PITCH.
The ends of the lengths are to be beveled. The middle lengths have an
INCLUDED angle or an angle read on a saw SCALE at the PEAK end and at the
RAFTER end next to the HIP end of the end length. The end length has a
bevel with an INCLUDED angle and a SCALE angle that might be read on a saw
at the HIP end next to the middle length and at the FOOT end next to the ground.

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