(with concurrent inverse feature)

Type the input value in a box, click your mouse anywhere on the page other than a value likely to change(or press tab key) to complete the calculation. Modify entries then click your mouse elsewhere on the page (or press tab key) for the values to agree.

for smooth operation start with the default values

Check the evaluation =f(x) for zero; otherwise there may be erratic operation.

cubic quadratic linear constant
equation *x**3 + *x**2 + *x + =0
normalization-- ------inflection =x f(x)= extrema =x relative h=
quadratic *x**2 + *x + =0
quadratic roots
real root +i factored out quad +i
check quadratic zero =f(x) cubic zero =f(x) branching

The CONCURRENT INVERSE feature allows the editing of any coefficient in the two top rows or bottom row.

In the case of a negative number for the relative position of the extrema,

the program will not allow changes in the extemum fitting.

A RED screen indicates the use of an untested branch.

Check the calculation by changing the answer a little bit

and seeing if the question changes by only a little bit.

For smooth operation start with the default values.

Notice that either two cubic roots are complex or the two roots
of the quadratic equation are complex. The cubic cannot be solved
without using complex computations!< /h5>

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